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Before and After BY APPOINTMENT


Dear valued Personal Pizazz shopper,


As we are allowed to REOPEN this Friday, June 19th, I want you to feel as safe as possible in the store.  I am following all guidelines set forth by the city, county, and state:


As the only employee, I will be taking my temperature each morning, wearing a mask, washing my hands frequently, and sanitizing hard surfaces and terminals between customers.  I reserve the right to change hours and operations as needs evolve - this is new to all of us.  If you have questions beyond what I outline here, feel free to email me at before visiting the store.


With a small physical space, I will be limiting customers to THREE at a time, with one way travel down the aisles, only two dressing rooms open, and 6 feet required between customers who are not from the same household.  Customers are required to wear masks at all times, even while trying on clothing.  The front and back (with metal security screen) door will be open for air circulation.  The dressing rooms have a non-fabric chair that will be wiped down between uses.


I encourage serious shoppers to make appointments just outside of the reduced hours. You are a "serious" shopper if you are usually here for more than an hour at a time and/or your receipt sometimes goes to a second page.  Some of my serious shoppers shop annually, some come once a month.  Please request your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, and wait for confirmation.  I will do my best to accommodate you.


There is no way to disinfect clothing without washing it, and steaming would have to be done at such a high heat for so long that it would likely damage the clothing, so after items have been tried on I will be quarantining them for two days.


Therefore please only try on items you are really considering, and try to limit what you touch.  I can make recommendations about sizing and check my database for availability.


"There’s not much research about how long the virus lives on fabric, but it’s probably not as long as on hard surfaces." - Web MD. The CDC barely mentions fabric.


Disinfectant wipes and touchless hand sanitizer (for hand use only, both will damage fabric) will be provided at the counter.  Customers can also bag their own items at checkout if they prefer.


No matter what the city/county/state allows, if you are immuno-compromised or high-risk, there is simply no feasible way to make stores safe for you. I can still ship to your home or offer curbside pickup.  These methods will minimize your exposure, as you can quarantine your purchases for several days after receiving them.


For those of you in this situation, I am happy to pull selections and make suggestions, complete with pictures and measurements.  I can also walk you through the store for a virtual shopping trip.  You can of course schedule an in-store appointment outside of regular hours if you so desire, keeping in mind that there is no way for me to track what every customer has touched, or for me to sterilize everything.


Please be aware that citations are currently NOT being issued for permit area parking or meters, but other parking rules ARE being enforced. There was some talk of the back parking lot being turned into outdoor seating for local restaurants.   I recommend checking the city's website for updates:


I look forward to seeing your (masked) faces as soon as you feel ready.  In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @personalpizazz to see items highlighted - there are quite a few posts showing sale items and new arrivals.

For those of you who are unable to come to the store:

Here are just a few options. Others can be seen on Instagram @personalpizazz or emailed to you be request. Email or call for assistance.

Majestic Filatures

$90 - $260

Scarves and Hats

$36 - $98


$28 - $248


$140 - $200

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